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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 9, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, charles schwab, union bank, and united health care. >> at union bank our relationship managers use their expertise in global finance to business through strategies of international commerce. we put our extended global network to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you?
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>> when i was pregnant i got more advice than i knew what to do with. information onas how to take care of me and my baby. a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors and get care and guidance they could use before and after the baby is born. simple? simple is what i need right now. >> united. >> and now "bbc world news america." washington, irom am katty kay. they said they will do it again. stormn elegance pakistan's busiest airport disguised as security forces. more than 30 people were killed. striking metro workers take to the streets of são paulo.
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love proves just a bit too much for a famous bridge in paris but good luck stopping tourists from leaving those locks behind. welcome to our viewers on public television here in america and around the globe. tonight the pakistani taliban and is threatening more attacks than 1 -- like the one they claim to have carried out in the busiest airport in karachi. 30 people died when taliban militants who disguised themselves as security forces stormed the building. the battle lasted for five hours. when it was over 10 of the militants were among the dead. turned into a virtual war zone. biggest airport.
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a gun battle that lasted all troopsntil government took control around on. -- dawn. upurning cargo building lit the sky. in what isght normally the biggest airport hub. how arm they were was clear from their weapons. also food and water suggesting they were planning a siege or to hijack a plane. there've -- their plan failed. rces have done a tremendous job. you saw quickly they controlled the situation. rmy killed all the
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people responsible for the incident. >> they said the attack was in revenge for the death of this later killed in a drone strike last year. he also warned more attacks may be planned. so for the pakistan taliban? they are not the same as afghanistan's taliban. ther insurgency is against government of pakistan. recent attempts at peace talks by the prime minister caused a possible theis attack is to show that they have not been weakened. thet would have provided iconic images they needed for their propaganda. >> still raising questions about pakistan security. for more on the instrument a
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contact i spoke with mark grossman. he served as america's special representative. i asked him if he was surprised that they could breach security like this. >> it is a very violent group and very well organized. they have reached this kind of security before. there was an attack on a naval installation in karachi where they burned a number of airplanes. it was very well organized and violent. >> what does this do for the prospect of the peace negotiations the government has been trying to get started? thatey have to understand serious threat. they have to come together to defeat this. for the peace process itself what it means is there needs to be more fighting.
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gotink the government has some work to do. >> there will have to be further attacks along the border areas. >> more intelligence and more effort in karachi. all across the country. choose thisannot terrorism, we will accept this terrorism. this one will be against. terrorism is terrorism. that should increase the number who believe that. said [inaudible] dna andwill do the find out. moving all around the region. bad to be in favor of a prosperous and secure afghanistan. this is another reminder.
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they are not in this alone. they are surrounded by countries and neighbors that they need to be secure and stable. was the ideattack that this may have had support betterreign fighters and organized al qaeda? >> that is something that has to come as they investigate. this is a violent and well-organized group. this is not the first time they have done this kind of attack. >> he said they had to take the fight to the taliban. if the telemanagement as we have seen recently who do you negotiate to? >> it is harder but the fact there has been a split, some of these groups have said we are not for this violence. an opening if they are prepared to do the things that are required which is to
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fight and talk at the same time. moree telematics a that attacks are planned. this is a terrorist group. we are all inght for. gridlocks, not goals, were the story today. disperseed tear gas to protesters. on opening match is thursday. the biggest city three days before the world cup
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kicks off. striking metro workers pay rises to demand in excess of 10%. police tried to break up the protests and yesterday a judge ruled the strike illegal. before -- to stay out unless their demands are met. it is a new stage for the brazilian situation. the world cup is just the beginning of a new wave of struggle. >> the government insists the strikes and protests will not be allowed to disrupt the world cup and they will use whatever force they deem necessary. police move in too hard that might exacerbate tensions and lead to more delays for fans trying to get to world cup games across brazil. transport problems
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are notoriously bad at the best of times. if these continue the schedule -- impact could be enormous. the mood is upbeat for now. things could turn ugly if there is no last-minute deal. or if the government tries to resolve things by force. there has been a monorail accident. a person has died and another injured after a section of concrete collapsed. it was meant to be completed in time for the world cup. one person has died in the construction process. match does take place but the final of the world cup will be held in rio de janeiro. the city is famous for beaches and it is well-known for its violence. police have been trying to tackle security for the process known as passive vacation.
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-- pacification. first favela, the to be pacified in 2008. foundavela that has redemption. this used to be a place where drug dealers operated with impunity. that has changed. there are no streets at all. just steps. hundreds of them. >> more than 800 steps. >> he told me of the dramatic difference that the upp, the police has vacation unit had made. unit had made. >> were was the last homicide? >> [inaudible]
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homicide since a 2008. >> more than five years. >> is relative. we ran into this police squad. guns drawn and looking decidedly tense. an off-duty officer told us about an encounter he had had. did the drugs dealer fire at you? >> very difficult to count. lots. 10 minutes of shots. very dangerous. i know that. the drug dealers shot for all directions. >> there was something like three murders a month. 306a year in a community of just 7000 people. the figures speak for themselves and the scars of yesterday's battles are everywhere to be seen.
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this is getting ready to party. yellow, believe -- blue, and green paint will be in short supply as they take on the colors of the national flag. >> the world cup is very important to us. everyone is excited about the game and of everything that has ispened the important thing we participate and celebrate. everything is going to be all right. that game has never been more beautiful. on the question of who will win they speak with one voice.
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>> india's new government has set up plans for rapid economic reform. the government will provide water, power, and a toilet to every home within the next eight years and promises a zero tolerance approach to violence against women. syria's president has announced a general amnesty for prisoners but it is not clear if opposition activists are rebels will be among those released. this comes days after assad won term in an election that westerners condemn is a mockery. come over -- after a video showing a woman being violently sexually assaulted.
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the chief took office on sunday create he is the fifth leader drawn from the armed forces. lex safeguarding the main road. interestsrcial stretch from petrol stations and shopping malls to hotels and spas.
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supermarket like this are one small part of the economic activities. these days some say the military is less of a fighting force and more of a trading company. estimates range from five percent. >> this was delivered with military efficiency but it is keen [inaudible] there is no civilian oversight in its budget. >> it is a black box. it is a black rocks and darkroom. we know there is a darkroom. we do not know how big it is in
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this room and we do not know >> this iside it. dangerous for agent. the is dangerous to transition to democracy. we got a rare look under the hood. it is seen as an offshoot of the military economy. >>, said of the economy does it control? this is the big question.
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only support. >> the former army chief may be out of uniform but he is seen as their man. under the president army is expected to get even more of on the eve ofa the publication of her book the buzz surrounding hillary clinton and about whether she will run again for the presidency in 2016. its use of annded oil rig in the south china sea. it is the center of a bitter dispute.
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it has accused its neighbor of disrupting waters by ramming chinese boats. they have built as a model of cooperation. five soldiers were all smiles. territorial disputes were ongoing. this island is controlled by vietnam. the event was meant to show that harmony can exist between neighbors. >>. is think this little game by vietnam and the philippines is a clumsy farce? china has irrefutable
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sovereignty over the islands and the surrounding water. we demand the philippines and vietnam stop behavior that causes trouble. accusing vietnamese boats of ramming ships more than 1400 times. as many as 63 vietnamese vessels tried to break through the cordon near the disputed oil rig. accusations follow on the heels of the vietnamese video showing a chinese ship ramming a tiny vietnamese fishing boat. the boat capsized and sank. >> by the end of the year we isld no if hillary clinton
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running for office. her book is previewing -- premiering tomorrow. thinksks about what she priorities and more about her political future. hillarye u.s., clinton is in the spotlight. getting speeches across the country and maybe looking presidential. chicago, they're ready for hillary. already fund-raising. >> i think the country is still looking for strong and vibrant leadership.
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>> this is a presidential campaign without a candidate yet. and with no other serious democratic candidates are now this could become a problem. >> we want her to know she is our first choice. if she says yes we're ready to go. quick she is in no rush to make any announcement. >> when i going to decide whether you are running? >> i will decide when it feels right for me to decide. the grueling say schedule of the campaign and the ugliness of political attacks will weigh on her as she decides. >> we have artie seen the
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attacks start and they're clearly going to be nasty and they will get worse and she has extremely thick-skinned but how much of that do you want to subject yourself to? mrs. clinton has never been this popular but the hillary haters there.ll out even more determined and on. the republican party is focused on tearing her record apart. x ray need to do everything we can to make people understand there is another side. that this book is about bad choices and we want to make sure as she is out there test arriving at 10 -- driving a campaign, we want to make sure there is another part of the story. thehe mostly ignores attacks for now. reconnect andto evolved ihow she has
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get a feel of what it would be like to get back on the campaign trail. is, can she now paced her maintain the momentum? -- herself and maintained the momentum? paris where the path of true love hit a glitch. leave their sign on this bridge. on sunday, part of the railing gave way. couples visit paris every year. they attach a lock that bears their name to the railing and through the key to the lock into the seine river. a tradition that is so
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popular the length of the bridge is covered in padlocks. nearly 2.5 feet of -- meters of railing collapsed underneath the so-called locks of love. the railing and hundreds of padlocks. >> i do not want to stigmatize the lovers but if we do not do anything about it problems will keep happening. >> this is not the first time part of the bridge has collapsed. one of the parapets gave way last summer. officials say that this is a threat to barges and boats that transport tourists up and down the river everyday and they are calling for all the love locks to be permanently removed. have as the lovers may
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fight on their hands but then the course of true love never did run smooth. the sideve to be on of the lovers. all they have to do is reinforce the bridge. you can find more on our website. thanks for watching. tune in again tomorrow. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation. united health care. union bank. and charles schwab. >> there's a saying around here. we stand behind what you say. around here you do not make excuses. you make commitments and when
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you cannot live up to them, own up and make it right. ofe people think the kind accountability that thrives on some he street in this country has gone missing in the places where it is needed most but i know you will still find it when you know where to look. you know where to look.
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